Tonight as I was settling into warrior three pose at my yoga class, the yoga instructor said that this pose insists you be completely present in the moment because you have to focus so hard to stay balanced. And all I could think was, that is exactly how I felt all day today – completely present. Not that I’m not usually present since this job pretty much requires this state of mind but the first days of a new class take every fiber of your being to be alert, balanced, and ready to soak in all those new things that you need to know, especially for the kids you have never had in your class before.

Tonight on my way home from my yoga class, I thought about all the moments of the first day of school. Finally, truly relaxed, I could really reflect on all of the nervous, beautiful, tense, frustrating, funny, joyous moments of the day.

Some of my favorites:

When Charlie, who had been his quiet self most of the day, busted out with a story and the biggest smile ever about his wood shop project that included a treasured key.

Zavier’s awe at everything and how he came into the classroom determined and hard at work.

Overhearing a conversation between Talin and Isaac, while they were building with blocks, about how different and new the classroom was.

When Sam Angelo spoke up at our final circle of the day (our just checking in to see how your day was circle) and said “I’m so excited to be at school!” Yeah!

Autumn wrote her entire name with the letters all in a row for the first time today. Jackson’s joy at being back in our old classroom.  And how I looked across the room and saw Autumn and Jackson sharing a chair and playing Playmobil.

The way Harriette sits and waits for the ideas to come when she’s working on a story and the way she has eased into writing in such a lovely, natural way.  And the way Isaac lit up when he saw our new comic books.

How I made Flynn and Isabel’s day when we had not only the doll house but the barn and how thrilled they were by the simple fact that I let them move them all over the classroom.

The skip-hop in Georgia’s walk through the classroom. Queen Amalie – need I say more.

Justin’s contagious joy and the look on his face when we saw all of our new cooperative games.

Asher, toothless.

The way Oliver spent a good portion of the day working on a letter at the type writer and his genius toilet paper invention when we ran out of paper towels in our bathroom.

When Alex walked by me on the play ground while chatting with Jacob and I overheard him say, “I’m just trying to figure out how many season’s I’ve been alive” and then I helped him figure it out and we ended up doing a bit of multiplication on the playground.

Vega’s pencil grip patience, persistence and her intense screwdriver technique.

And simply just having Brigit here with us for one more year.

To a new year in the most magical of places.  As I looked out across my classroom on this first day, all I could think was how so very lucky we are to be in this very place with each other.