A whole new year. A trip back in time to our old classroom. So fitting, especially for those 2nd graders who have been with me for all four years. I can’t think too much about how this is a few of my student’s last year. Some have been with me since they were not yet three and they are going to be eight years-old this year! Whew!

It’s going to be a year of hard work for this eldest group. Getting ready to hit the world of larger classrooms, larger schools, less teachers. We’ll need all the parent involvement possible, especially at home – reading books, encouraging them to read to you, writing letters, stories, cultivating this already impassioned group to spread their wings.

We are also welcoming Georgia, Charlie, Oliver, Sam Angelo, Autumn and Vega to our little family for a total of 19 students and two loving teachers – Paul and myself.

We are going to start a little different this year. Except for the first day of class, we will be having drop off at our back gate at 9:15am. I will be outside waiting for you to pull up, I will then send your child inside to Paul to get right to work at the focus stations. Please try to be on time. This is one of the most important parts of the day and we have much work to fit into our mornings. If you are late, you will have to park and walk your child inside. I do however have a request that if you come in with a younger child that you do not linger in the classroom. We are wanting to glean all we can from this morning time and some of our new kindergarteners can be distracted by children playing while we are trying to encourage them to do focused work. Also, if you need to come early, please stay with your child in the big yard or in the lunch room area until we are set up for the day.

For those of you new to our classroom, we begin our day with stations. We have an Explode the Code station, a journaling station, a math station and a math game station. This way both main subjects are addressed two different ways. Each child is expected to visit every station, each morning. The kindergartener’s will be matched up with a 2nd grader as a mentor to begin with. So they can learn the ropes, see our focused intention and learn from their peers.

Below is the new schedule. It reflects last years schedule as we want to keep things consistent. We also want there to be as few transitions as possible but we also have a ton packed into our days. Please feel free to explore the classroom tomorrow morning. You are also welcome to come in and check out our new digs when you come to pick up your child at 3:15. I will also be available to chat during this time since we won’t have the time in the morning with the new drop off. You can also set up a time to talk with me or email me at michelledtaylor@gmail.com as needed.

Also, don’t forget to bring a autumnal change of clothes for your child’s cubby. We can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces!

Mystery Bay Class Schedule:

9:15-11:15 Stations
10:15 Studio for K
11:15-12 Big Yard & Snack
12-12:30 Circle (Social Studies) w/Michelle
12:30-1 1st & 2nd Monday-Art w/Trisha
K at circle w/Michelle
K Tuesday-Art w/Trisha
1st & 2nd at circle w/Michelle
Wednesday-Music All

12:00 to 1 w/Diane

1-1:30 Lunch
1:30-3:15 Open Classroom/Studio/Science
1 to 3pm Big Yard available as needed.




Dance for K/1st


Dance for 2

Daystar (Senior Center) and other Fieldtrips around the city