Today was my first day back from vacation and it was just wonderful. What a lovely, lovely day. I enjoyed being with everyone so much. I feel sunned, relaxed and rested. I now know why teacher’s need a bit of extra time off each year – so we can be our best selves for the kids, which often includes taking a break from those same kids for a while.

Today we also had Traveling Grandma come for a visit to talk about her trip to Iran.

(A slide show of photos from Iran.)

It was phenomenal to listen to her tale. The kids had many questions and sometimes I think it was even a bit too much for them to fathom – from the head-coverings, to the screens that the women must stay behind, to the idea of not being able for women to be in the presence of men.

(A storybook in Farsi.)

(A baby blanket from Iran with built in baby toy pulls.)

We loved seeing the souvenirs Diane brought back with her and hearing her stories of passing out the letters and pictures we drew for the kids in Iran. Her reason for going was to reach out to the people of Iran to show them that there are peaceful Americans that want to be friends and come together globally.

(Trying on the head-coverings.)

(Sometimes I forget how lucky we are.)

We love Traveling Grandma and we are proud to announce that she will be teaching our music class next year once a week. She was a music teacher before she retired and she is coming out of retirement especially for us. Thank you so much Diane for my lovely tile, all the goodies you brought us and for spending so much of your time with us – you are much appreciated.

(Finding Iran.)