This idea started long ago with the idea that Sarah would give our class “manners” lessons – she being British and we, well being US! Then we thought it would be fun to have a formal party and off we went on a journey taking us months to plan. We made a menu and began making the items during our weekly Cooking with Kathleen class and freezing them. The kids did literally EVERYTHING! Well, except for Kathleen who of course always goes above and beyond the call of duty to make everything wonderful and delish (cooking is one of our favorite classroom activities).

We even made all of the salad from what we grew ourselves in our very own organic garden. What a pleasure it was to walk outside and pull up all of our spinach and lettuce for this occasion.

Sophia typed up the menu, Anya added a picture. So many of us made the lovely tissue paper flowers. And we spend the day having manners class, making appetizers, getting the calzones stuffed, and finishing up the toppings for the salad and ice cream sundae’s (we even made the salad dressing and hot fudge). Everything was beautiful.

We decided this should be “formal.” And how we love what formal means to each individual person. Zavier picked a fancy bug out of a book and asked his mom to make him the wings to wear.

Harriette was set on a tuxedo – so sweet!

How precious was the moment that Jacob discovered that he and his dad had on matching outfits.

And Alex came adorned in his magician outfit – tada!

I nearly ate Justin up as he came in the door with his suit and peach colored tie on.

We had appetizers outside to kick off the dinner. Sarah took my camera just after I made my huge splash on the pavement, tossing my glass, saving my slightly smashed camera and falling back onto my very own child – whew, thank goodness the camera still works (Autumn was fine too!)

Then we all went inside to eat. The kids served their parents dinner and dessert.

It was all so lovely.

And me recovering with a skinned elbow and sprained foot – the only major wounds of the night -thanks Sarah!

Hot Fudge Sundae’s!

by candle light.

Then of course, after the tables were cleared, the kids were off to play.

While the boys did the dishes.

Late that night, I found the last of the kids all eating ice from this bucket.

Bedtime anyone?

Thank you everyone for coming to celebrate with us. We had such a wonderful time and made so many memories. And especially, thank you Kathleen, you are our ever wonderful and patient cooking teacher. Our class wouldn’t be the same without you. Because while Paul and I may be delicious, you are simply scrumptious. We send you peace and love right now.