We’ve been studying Andy Goldsworthy for the last few weeks. We’ve been reading his art books, studying the way he builds his pieces, and we watched parts of River’s and Tides (Thanks to the Millers for loaning us the DVD.)

As soon as we started talking about this kind of art, the kids went to work in the big yard, creating art that was meant to be temporary.

They are also seeing his type of pattern art in nature every where we go. On a field trip we had to stop at an interesting, handmade fence that was built in a remarkable pattern. Today at lunch, Amalie twisted her fruit leather into a wave and said; “This looks just like the shape that Andy Goldsworthy always makes with his art.” And I had to agree.

We have been inspired. So this week for art class, Tricia had the idea that we should go to Lincoln Park and build art on the beach. Lucky us, it was also low tide!

This one kept falling apart but Justin said it was more fun that way.

Paul began the stone serpent below and of course everyone wanted to help finish the beast.

The Final Masterpiece.

Harriette and Anya’s was interactive.

We built this bridge with the help of Paul to crawl through.

Man were we wiped on the return trip home.