During story time on Wednesday, after Brigit finished reading a chapter of the second book of Boxcar Children to the class, I re-introduced writing a linked pearl (we did it last year too.)

Earlier in the day Anya wrote the first line at the typewriter and I decided to go ahead and use that as the first line.  She also added the last line to sum up the poem.

Everyone took their turn so seriously.  And many wanted to whisper their line into my ear.  For this exercise, I told them to work off of the previous person’s line.  I didn’t read any other poems too them or give any suggestions.  We just started with Anya’s line.

A Linked Pearl

I feel no pain, I know hunger in me. -Anya

But I feel no sadness either. –Jackson

And I don’t feel mad either. –Isabel

I care about people, I try not to hurt them. –Brigit

I feel frustrated too. –Justin

I am happy in me. –Talin

And I am sad in me. –Isaac

Forever. –Alex

I love myself. –Flynn

I like the world and the things around me. –Amalie

I am lonely but friendly. –Asher

I see the world in me. –Joey

Everybody is kind in this city.-Jacob

I love my fish too. –Ella

I love my cats from the tip of my head to the tip of my toes. –Zavier

I love my dog. –Sophia

I like my kitty.-Harriette

Stripes in the sky, clouds above me. – Anya

~Mystery Bay