This week we went to The Seattle International Children’s Festival. This was the most whirlwind fieldtrip we’ve ever gone on.

We left school right away, caught the bus, walked to the theater, in the pouring rain, to see the Amazones – Women Master Drummers of Guinea. They were incredible. The drummers and the dancers kept our hearts pounding, not only for their music but also for being the first women from Guinea to use the traditional drums.

Then we quickly had lunch in the foyer and we were off to see Circa: 46 Circus Acts in 45 Minutes U.S. Premiere from Australia.

This was such a fantastic show. We sat right up front and I told the kids that they might call for volunteers and to be ready. The minute they did, Amalie jumped out of her seat and ran for the stage. After she got up from the act she was a part of, she proceeded to bow about a dozen times after all the other kids had left the stage – so funny!

After this performance, we only had a few minutes to catch the last bus home, so we wouldn’t be too late. So, we literally ran through downtown for blocks and blocks. We finally made it. I’m not sure I even took a breath that day.

It was busy, it was fast, we had a blast!