This morning Sophia (one of our two 2nd graders) came in a little late with her entire face stuffed inside the pages of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. From inside the classroom, I watched her shake out of her coat, put her lunch box away all while reading. She finally put her book mark in and stashed her book in her cubby. She didn’t say anything when she came in to start working at the stations but I just couldn’t bear to see her leaving her book, so I quietly walked up to her and offered her the opportunity to continue reading in the big reading chair instead of joining us. She eagerly agreed, ran off to get her book and crawled into the chair to read.

Anya (the other second grader) never misses a beat and she came up and asked if she could get her book out of her cubby that she had brought. Me, who never misses an opportunity to encourage the love of reading, said YES (doesn’t saying yes make all the difference really?) And off she trotted, pulling Little House in the Big Woods out of her cubby. This is the first time I’ve even seen Anya bring a book to school. Serendipity I say!

They read and read in all seriousness in all their bigger kid-ness. So sweet and motivating for everyone.

Even though sometimes challenging, multi-age classrooms are amazing to watch in action.