So, about five years ago. Almost exactly five years ago – yikes! I had a baby. And after said baby arrived, I lost all ability to remember ANYTHING! Just ask the kids, they’ll tell you. Don’t fear, I never forget the kids – I do still remember how to count.

So as it goes, when we travel to Daystar, it’s always kind of funny to figure out what Michelle is going to forget today. I actually don’t ALWAYS forget stuff but I did forget to bring our art supplies once but I had my dog with me so that made up for it. On Thursday as we were walking out the door, Paul called back to me, “did you remember to bring the pens and paper?” And I said, “yes” all sarcastically (just so you know, Paul doesn’t remember stuff either – but we do like each other a lot even though.)

Then, about fifty feet from Daystar, I remembered. I didn’t bring the books. The kids or I or Paul or all of us read to the seniors whenever we visit. But just like always, I improvise (one of my very best talents) and we did story telling instead. When it was time to read, I had the kids get in a circle in front of the seniors and those who wanted to, told a story.

Brigit, Alex and Amalie all shared stories. I was so glad that I had forgotten the books and we will be now be adding story telling to our Daystar repertoire.

Emergent. Spontaneous. Adventurous. Go-with-the-flow. That’s what we are!

(Crown made by Amalie/smiles made by all!)

Even if we’re forgetful, we’ve got love.