Last Thursday we decided to go on a walk to find a new park before we headed over to the nursery. We wandered up, down and around and after asking many of our neighbors on the streets, we found Seola Creek Watershed. As we were walking through a canopy of trees, Amalie said, “I think we’re in a different country.”

It was steep but we made it, a little wet but exhilarated from all the nature.

Asher said, “I think piranhas can live in here!”

At one point, Jackson said, “If I don’t make it out alive, tell Clara I love her!” What a crack up.

Ella helped us all up the hill, our very own adventurer.


The land behind the nursery is so wonderful. I wish I could live in these trees.

Of course Flynn is drawn to the chickens.

Then we picked out our veggie starts.

Whenever nature is involved, we have a blast.  Even though we nearly walked our legs off, it was such fun!