“Galapagos Grandpa” is now known as “Travelin’ Grandma” because she is now on her way to Iran. She stopped by to show us where she is going, talk a little bit about the culture and what she has to wear while she is there.

The day before she came, we wrote letters to the kids in Iran. We talked a little bit about where Iran is and someone in the class asked if the people in Iran like us because it is right next to Iraq where we are at war? I said that I didn’t know but that was something that maybe traveling grandma could report back to us. Then someone asked why we were at war and again I had to say that I really didn’t know but that oil is a big part of that area and a big part of why we are at war.

Then, when traveling grandma was talking to us, she said that our president wanted to go to war with Iran too and she asked (not knowing what we had already talked about) if we knew why. All the kids shouted “oil.”

The letters I was able to photograph:

Be safe travelin’ Grandma.


Michelle and the Mystery Bay Gang