This past week during art workshop with Trisha, I could really see the scaffolding technique, she is using for teaching the elements of art, come to life. We have worked with dimension: two dimensionally and three dimensionally and with various materials.

I can see the elements of art surfacing for the kids not only during art workshop but also when they are working on art projects or drawing in their journal during other times in the day. Their shapes and placement has begun to be more prominent and purposeful.

(During this workshop, everyone received a random object to draw the contour of and then to shade in the negative space.)

(Some kids were drawing in the air above their paper before committing the line to paper.)

This intention of scaffolding is also used during math and language arts and during open work time but it is so obvious during art with the bold new lines and complete focus I now see from the kids each time we sit down to work with Trisha. They are really maturing in their art technique and they can feel it themselves.

(Using their fingers to help with the shading has come from the kids working with the materials and feeling just how they want the color and material to work.)

During my Reggio Amelia workshop this past week, we saw many slides of the kids in Italy creating art. The art was very flourishing and detailed. It reminded me of the beauty of the details on their buildings. Which also reminded me of the way the kids in New York would always draw very straight up into the sky apartment buildings with themselves in one of the windows, much like the kids in our class often draw houses with yards, flowers and animals. This idea of art and experience and how we express our surroundings and what we see in our lives is very interesting. This time with Trisha gives the kids just a little more experience to help them express themselves outside of these specific exercises.