We’ve been playing this game, which includes rolling a ball to each other and asking each other math questions. Some of the equations posed require us to change our place value such as adding some two digit numbers to some other two digit numbers as this sometimes creates a three digit number.

So, I made up a place value game. “I love this! This is so fun!” -Asher

Who knew?

On the first day, we did it together on the board.

On the second day, we did it on the board and I gave them the game I made of taking numbers and plugging them into the correct column. Then we read the numbers out loud and it made sense. I heard many, “Ohs” in the crowd. Because they could look at the number and look at the top of the column to see if it was 100, 1000 etc. We also talked about how many numbers are in 100’s, 1000’s. etc. Fun stuff!