PCC Natural Markets began as a food-buying club of 15 families in 1953. Today, it’s the largest consumer-owned natural food co-operative in the United States.

Because most of our families are patrons of PCC, we thought it would be great fun to see behind the scenes.  So off we went for a kid-tasting field trip.  We got there just as West Seattle High School let out for lunch.  If I had only grown up with PCC across the street.

We congregated in the meeting room.  Had a few tasty treats and then headed out to see PCC’s secrets.

Here are the containers that hold the almond butter, the syrup, the olive oil.

We got to check out the walk-ins.  Ah, memories of food service and college.

Cheese – um, YUM!

Organic produce.  We had a great banter about local farms and organic produce.  One of the kids asked; “Why would anyone NOT want organic?”  And I realized just how lucky our kids are, that not only do they not want for food but they also do not want for organic food.  Someone brought up price and then we had a short talk about what the higher price of organic foods means for some families.

Everyone got to take home a fruit.

Many snagged a veggie instead – those Community School kids!

During our discussions, we talked about Recycling.  Right in the middle of our talk, Amalie piped up with “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – the magic trinity.”  Seattle’s true religion!  All the adults nearly lost our organic fruit slices!

We talked about how nearly all of us reuse bags when we shop.  The PCC bags are made out of recycled plastic bottles and can be reused nearly forever!  I pack mine around all the time – I even washed it the other day.

It was such a fun field trip.  Jackson was skeptical – you know it’s a grocery store with NO candy isle.  But, he agreed afterward, that it pretty much was SUPER-FUN and SUPER-YUMMY!   Thank you PCC!

After we stuffed ourselves, we hopped on over to Hiawatha Playfield to eat (of course) and play.  The skaters were video taping themselves and were quite fun to watch.

Ah, the bus ride home.  How sweet our field trips are.

Just look at ‘um.  Smooches all around.