On Monday we took a long bus ride to Capital Hill to the Northwest Film Forum to take part in the Children’s Film Festival. It was such a fun day. On the way we played games (this is a version of hangman, I like to call build a _______! In this case, it was build a bus!

We also had a long discussion on what “film” is. We talked about the differences between going to the Northwest Film Forum vs. a Cineplex. We talked about commercials at the movies and the different intension small independent film brings. We then talked about the rating system. When I said that actually Star Wars was made for grown-ups, they all looked at me like a was an Ewok. It was a long and interesting exchange of ideas.

Then it began to snow like CRAZY! Downtown looked so pretty and we were crammed into that bus!

We finally made it to the Cinema!

We saw a group of short films called, Four-Legged, Finned and Furry Friends – they were all terrific.

At the end of the films, we got to vote for our favorite one and have a discussion with one of the film curators. Alex said; “I liked the French one. The woman talking with us said; “there wasn’t a French film but the subtitled film was Swedish.” The kids continued to refer to that film as French for a long time but finally got that not all foreign films are French. It was so funny.

We talked about all the parts of film and story and what were the most important parts to each of us – whether it was humor, music, the story itself or all of it put together. The kids were so attentive during this time and shared their ideas and thoughts. We were being such critical thinkers on this field trip – analyzing, discussing, figuring out this world of ours.

Then we headed out to Cal Anderson Park with the beautiful reservoir. Even though most of the snow was gone, it was so very cold.

Look at the chains on the fire truck! Our bus had them too.

We had our lunches on the bus, at the movies, at the park – here, there and everywhere. It was too cold to sit and eat.

It was so cold at the bus stop on the way back and when the bus got there, the bus driver said; “we don’t have room” and I almost passed out – NOTAGAIN!!! I said; “we’re going to White Center.” And he said; “then you HAVE to get on this bus.” He moved everyone back and we had to stand for a while but whew! What a wonderful driver, we’re going to write letters to Metro to thank them for taking care of us since we wrote to them we they didn’t take care of us.

After we got back to school to thaw out, we wrote some film reviews.

We decided that we LOVE film and thinking about film and writing about film and drawing about film.