Today as we walked outside, Justin asked; “Michelle, you want to play basketball with us?” And I said; “Absolutely! Bring it on!” ITWASSOVERYVERYVERYFUN! All those days at soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball practice came rolling back as I took on Justin and Joey at the basketball hoop. I didn’t have a chance but I kicked a soccer ball through the basketball hoop – first try! Just ask Talin. Actually, I think I scared them a little bit when I kept making basket after basket at what we deemed to be the two and a half three point line. You know, me being a girl and all. Oh, but we don’t have those prejudices here. Humph. But if a girl can make three point shots, she might even be able to be president.

When we finished, I was so excited that I ran inside to thank Johnny for bringing in the lovely leather basketballs and to ask if Vashon Island classroom wouldn’t mind if we turned their small yard into a basketball court since it has cement under the wood chips. Everyone thought it to be a grand idea. Now, we just need to move the wood chips. Anyone?