We’ve been listening to books on record during story time. Peter and the Wolf was a perfect introduction to the different instruments and identifying the instruments with the character’s in the story.

Peter and the Wolf is a composition by Sergei Prokofiev written in 1936 after his return to the Soviet Union. It is a children’s story (with both music and text by Prokofiev), spoken by a narrator accompanied by the orchestra.

Peter and the Wolf is scored for flute, oboe, clarinet in A, bassoon, 3 horns, trumpet, trombone, timpani, triangle, tambourine, cymbals, castanets, snare drum, bass drum and strings.

Each character in the story has a particular instrument and a musical theme, or leitmotif :

The kids loved listening for each leitmotif and would yell out “It’s the wolf” when they heard the French horns or “It’s the cat” when they heard the bassoon.