This morning for circle I assigned reading partners. I organized this by reading level and who could best help each other with sounds and pronunciation. At first they all just looked at me like; “you’ve got to be kidding me” but then they got in a groove and forgot that the person they were reading with wasn’t their best friend (this type of work actually does build friendships though.) After about fifteen minutes the room was humming with words and sentences. It was beautiful.

For math we made number belts. We mostly focused on counting by 5’s (because of our time/money work,) although what numbers they worked with was based on where they are in their math journey. For those working on counting/writing by 5’s, we talked about the pattern that it makes and that it alternately ends in 0 and 5 etc.

Isabel made it up to 200!

And of course, taking the idea to an entirely new level, we discovered we have our very own self declared, “princess of numbers.”

Asher also brought in is MP3 Player and played a story for us. I didn’t check the time on the story before we started, mostly because I wasn’t sure how the player worked. About half way through I begin to wonder just how long the story was going to be. Occasionally, at a chapter break, I asked the group if they wanted to continue the story later but I got a resounding NO! So, today for story time, we all sat mighty still and listed to “The Absent Author” by Ron Roy for one hour exactly (and with quite a complex plot I might add.) What a mature group of story lovers we have here.

We had such a relaxed, joyous, fruitful day. Thank you Julie for stepping in for Paul (who was at the dentist) and helping today shine.