Welcome back everyone, especially Jackson, who spent the break in the hospital. I couldn’t get a good snap shot of him, he kept running by me. I was so happy to see your face this morning Mr. J – I worried so much about you.

Before we left for break we were talking about money with the 1st/2nd grade group, specifically coins. We talked about what each coin is worth, we sorted money and played money bingo. During the break I set up a grocery store and today everyone got a cart, an envelope of money and went shopping. We took turns being the cashier and being the customer. It was really fun. If you can give your child a money allowance when you go shopping and let them buy and item or two while using their allowance, it would put this entire project into a real world scenario.

We also started some new sewing projects.

And we had a “Elements of Art” class with Trisha.