I just got back from working on the classroom. Paul and I put in some time, organizing, cleaning, setting up new activities and moving our new GIANT fish tank to the circle area with our lovely fish swimming about.

However, upon my arrival at school, I found out that during the break one of the other teacher’s at school thought that our salamander tank was empty and needed a tank for her classroom. As she was cleaning it out, she found the salamanders and was going to transfer them. She called me and I said, “NO, DON’T DISTURB THEIR HABITAT!!!” She said, “It’s too late but I’ll put them back.” Unfortunately she used some bleach on the rocks and she put them back in the tank and the salamanders died.

I’m heart broken. So much time and care went into this nearly year-long project. We got the eggs, which we though were frog eggs, we watched them hatch, we waited and waited as they grew into what we thought were tadpoles, we learned that what we actually had were salamanders, thanks to our brilliant scientist Mr. Asher Sage, and then we got to see them fully realized as full-grown salamanders. It was an exciting trip, I just wish we could have set them free in polliwog pond.

You can find our entire adventure here:

Our Salamander Adventure April 2006-January 2007