On Thursday we made our annual trip downtown via the bus to see the Gingerbread House display, to have lunch and then to take a ride on the carousel.

This year the display was at the Sheraton Hotel.

The Gingerbread Houses were all in one spot this year.  The theme was Holidays Around the World.  We were all in awe!

And we voted for our favorite houses.

We also got some ideas from the houses and made some drawings for Tuesday when we make our own Gingerbread Houses.

Then we had some lunch and trekked over to the carousel ride.

Then we hit the road for the return bus trip.  We had such a blast.

When we got back we had hot cocoa and worked on our drawings for our very own Gingerbread house making adventure.

Thank you Janelle and Kathleen for helping us out on the trip.  It was one of the smoothest field trips ever.   I guess I did review the rules of the road with them about a million times all week long.

Happy Gingerbread adventures to all!