I have to say the parent/teacher conference week combined with my goal of trying to make/sew every single Solstice, Hanukkah, and Christmas gift that I give this year, has made me sooooo tired; as well as the fact that the kids are jumpy in anticipation of the upcoming varies holidays that the families in our class celebrate.

But even though the teacher’s are ready for the break, we have been having so much fun at school with all the happy little bodies ready for their celebrations to begin.

The kids have been talking about how they celebrate at this time of year and what that means to each individual and their families. We’ve been talking about the eight days of Hanukkah and the lighting of the menorah. We’ve been talking about Solstice trees and colorful lights. We’ve been talking about the Advent Calendar, Christmas trees and the gifts that often come with all of these types of celebrations.

We’ve been out and about, visiting our friends at Daystar, and taking in story time at the library.

We’ve also been cooking up a storm like so many people do this time of year for gifts, for celebration and for fun.

We’ve made pretzels:

We’ve made gingerbread cookies:

We figured out how to use a 1/4 cup and a 1/2 cup to make a 3/4 cup. One person chose to use three 1/4 cups and another person chose to use one 1/4 cup and one 1/2 cup. And without my assistance. Ahhh.

And we are going to make gingerbread houses on Tuesday after our festive trip downtown on the bus to visit the gingerbread house display.