No I didn’t drown in the flash flood although the hardwoods in my basement took a soak.

We’ve been working on the kids portfolios, writing narratives for the all the kids, helping the kids write self-evaluations and then having parent/teacher conferences every night this week from five until nine and then I’ve been up thinking hours after that, so when I get to school the next morning I can barely see straight (especially after mopping up the basement.)

Anyway, we’re back to a normal schedule around here as soon as I get some sleep, so no more complaining about no new posts – that goes for you too Jackson!

And thank you to every single parent who came and sat with us to talk about their child. It is so important this communication that we share about our kids and our families. As much work as parent/teacher conferences can be, it is also one of my favorite times because I get to really talk about each and every one of our kids because they are all loved so very much.

There were a few moments that just took my heart. I had the 1st and 2nd grader’s write their own self-evaluations and then some of them read them out loud to their parents at the end of their conference. There were moments where I just thought I was going to bust with pride and love, all the words and sentences written, all the thoughts and ideas shared, all the feelings that we have for one another put out into the open air.