The inspiration. Amy, Zavier’s mom borrowed our book one weekend and made Zavier a Batty Cat, which was a huge hit in our classroom during sharing time.

Asher picked this material because he has a “blankie” made out of it on his bed and he wanted Batty Cat to be camouflaged and then pop up and be ready to karate!

Workin’ the machine!

Hand sewing the eyes, nose, mouth, tail and wings.

Asher told me when he got to school in the morning that he was going to sew a Batty Cat during open classroom. I put him number one on the sewing list for the day. During open classroom, he was not drawn away to the Legos (his greatest love) as usual and came right up to me and said; “I’m ready to sew.” He got right to work and worked the entire open classroom on his Batty Cat. I love that the kids can decide what they want to do when they are ready to do it and feel emerged and engrossed in a nearly two hour project – seeing it from beginning to end and coming out the other side with a creation all their own.

Welcome Karate Batty Cat – defender of Asher’s bed!

(Asher LOVED the sparkle fabric and went on and on about how beautiful and shiny it was – he took the scraps home to make something else from them.)