Dear Boys and Girls,

The week on Galapagos Island was filled with snorkeling. Can you imagine swimming through schools of gray fish with yellow tails and noses? Following a Marie turtle like we were walking down the street together? Watching young sea lions playing and playing in the water? Then having one of them follow the kayak I was in back to the boat? All that has happened and more, including crossing the equator!

I´ve watched blue footed boobies do their lovely mating dance, a male frigate blow up its chest like a red balloon, iguanas crawl all over each other to settle in close to get warm, an albatross, after many tries make a soft landing. This albatross has a wing span of 7 feet, wow! And landing is very hard for them to do. There were lava iguanas, finches with different beaks depending on the food source they had available on their island, and small penguins that zooped around in the water as if they were flying!

On Thursday, October 18, I got to write the daily report for the Galapagos expedition. I wrote it to you at the Community School of West Seattle and Graham Hill. It´s on line at under daily report, Islander, by date. I hope you get to read it. (If I have the web site wrong, look for it under Lindblad Excursions.)

Tonight I´m in Lima, Peru, leaving tomorrow for Cuzco, 11,000 high. Lima, to my surprise, is a very large, busy, bustling city. It is at sea level in the south of Peru and is a desert city. It gets very little rain even though it is on the water, and the weather is similar to Seattle right now. It´s overcast, misty, gray, and 60 degrees. I´m wearing my Seattle winter waterproof jacket to keep warm!

Take care, Galapagos Grandma/Diane