The other day as we were discussing our tadpoles, Asher said to me, “Michelle, frog eggs look just like salamander eggs. You know, I think we have salamanders.” I said, “really?” but in my head I was like, “Sure, salamanders, whatever, wishful thinking kid” (Asher actually says “whatever” to me at least once a day when I try to discourage a foreseeable “friskchievious” moment and he then decides to give in because I’m somewhat taller and have even redder hair!)

I did dismiss his notion or at least somewhat dismissed it. I’ve never raised tadpoles, I’m not so sure I’ve even seen that many. I took biology about a million years ago. But as I do on most evenings, I sit and ponder all the genius that is Mystery Bay, tell their stories, and laugh at the hilarity of our day-to-day and then do research to make sure that I stay at least one pond stone ahead of them. Hey, I’m the first one to admit they are smarter than me.

And guess what, I do believe Mr. Smarty Pants is right. I believe we are cohabitating with salamanders, well at least salamander larva for now. They don’t become actual salamanders until another metamorphasis occurs and they loose their gills and grow lungs.

Of course Asher is the one to figure it out, or think beyond the pond or believe with all his heart that we could be growing salamanders in our very classroom. Asher is the one who lined up all the eggs for us to compare, contrast and then find a way for us to care for them in our very own algae growing pseudo frog salamander habitat near you.

But just so you know, it was Mr. Asher that originally named the eggs we found “frog eggs.” I just went with it because as I said, “They have fresher brains.” And after they hatched, they really did look like tadpoles for a long time. But not so much now. Many other adults with varying science degrees saw them and didn’t say, “those are salamanders you silly fool” – I even posted photos here dear readers. But lets just enjoy what we have shall we and stop with the self-deprecation.

Hey salamanders, nice ta meetcha!