After our hard day on Wednesday, I came to school on Thursday feeling raw and open to the winds of change. I was hope, hope, hoping that somehow we could turn our week around. And did we ever.

We took off for Daystar to visit our seniors and we decorated some origami boats that Orpah made for the autumn ocean scene on their bulletin board. I read Sophia’s story “The Pet Shop.” Then Paul read a couple of stories to everyone.

After our visit, we headed to Castle Park to squeeze the last bit of summer sun out of the air. We spent a little time at the playground but the trees at the park were so inviting, we all ended up laying under them on the warm grass and then climbing our way up, up, up into the blue sky.

The kids love to see me do things that they usually don’t see adults doing, so I play on the bars at school, climb on the big tire and on this day, I hurtled myself into the branches of the friendly trees. From my perch in the leaves I could see everyone and hear them negotiating for space as well as taking care of each other. Everyone was watching out for the branches that were the strongest to climb, helping each other down to safety and helping unhinge each others clothing when they would get stuck on a twig. We conquered fears and communed with the trees and sky.

When we got down from the trees and gathered to return to school, we were all sun drenched, sap covered and healed. Thank you mother earth – you set us free once again. When we got back from our field trip Paul and I looked around at them and felt a little like the parents of eighteen – agonizing over the hard days and basking in the fun of a day of mending. Thank you Paul for being a the perfect partner in the lovely madness of Mystery Bay. I love that we can all fall apart on one day and then the next day come together in perfect symmetry.