The kids have had so many questions lately that we decided to make a list of them and then during morning circle, talk about one of the many questions.

Today’s question and the thoughts the kids had:

“How are people made?”

  • “We come from monkey’s. My mom told me.” ~Violet
  • “My mom told me too. I think I’m from monkey’s because I still have a lot of monkey in me.” ~Asher
  • “That’s called evolution.” ~Amalie
  • “It’s kind of like a caterpillar and a butterfly.  ~Isabel
  • “No, God made us.” ~Anya
  • “I have a book that shows that we come from circles (cells) that grow and make more circles until we’re a whole person.” ~Isabel

We then talked about how different people have different beliefs but that we do know that we are made of cells and then we looked up cell division in a book and looked at microscopic pictures of cell division happening.