This summer I was at Second Use buying tile to re-tile my bathroom and I saw that the Second Use Fall Festival was coming up and thought we should enter their “Transform a Toilet” contest.  So I put the word out that we needed a non-functioning toilet and voila, Michelle, Jackson’s Baba, had one delivered from her work with the Seattle Senior Services.  The man who brought the toilet was so super nice, I wanted to tuck him in my pocket.  He bolted the toilet to a piece of wood for us.

Then Jason, Harriette’s dad, brought his saw and trimmed the board down and put it on rollers so we could roll it in and out of the doors.

Then he added some astro turf.  Our plan is to make it our “Organic Garden.”  Sarah got us a bunch of glass pieces to mosaic the toilet bowl, some plants for the tank and a fountain for the bowl.  And off we set to create lasting toilet art.

We started with writing CSWS with green tiles and then started to mosaic.

This is what it looked like when we left for break.

When we got back for the new school year, we had just a couple of weeks to kick it out and finish it up.  Paul came in mighty handy for the last bit and assembled the fountain.  We filled the tank with dirt and planted the flowers.

We smoothed the edges out with some grout.

And tried to clean it up as best as we could.

We then added the fountain and fresh flowers from our garden.


Saturday, September 22nd is the Second Use Fall Festival and Art Salvage Contest.  Come down between 11 and 4 to see the toilet, vote on the toilet, have some food, play some games, listen to music, ride a horse (12-2) all for FREE!