At circle this morning, Paul handed out six beans to each student and teacher and a pad of paper and a pencil. We talked about the number six and all the ways we can get to the number six. 3+3, 2+4, 5+1 and so on. Then he had everyone write down their guess of how many beans there were all together. There were 19 of us including the teachers. It was an exercise in estimation. And all the kids thought about it and wrote down their answers. Some were close with 100 while others guessed 21 or 19.

But, Sophia, one of the two second graders proceeded to use the next hour or so (which included big yard time) figuring out exactly how many beans we had.

Without any prompting this is what she wrote:

I love persistence and seeing that drive to find the answer no matter what else is going on. And that in our school you can choose to follow that drive and see the entire process through without interruption. She did this for herself. The thirst for knowledge is unquenchable.

Go, Sophia, Go!!! Don’t ever let anyone stop you.