Today we had our first art class with Trisha. We split the group into two and she taught each group, one after the other, about face drawing and the spacial relations of our face – where our eyes are in relation to our ears and so on. There was much speculation as to whether she was right.

While one of the groups was making faces, Amalie and I made a dress with some lacy fabric, some gold fabric and our old beautiful green sewing machine. I have had the kids take lessons in using the sewing machine with me – I had them get a feel for the pedal, speed of the needle and feeding the fabric. Almost everyone has given it a try and then late last week Brigit made a blue sweatshirt material bag, which could hold lots of toys, supplies or groceries for that matter. Then today with only half of the class to attend to, Amalie and I were able to dig in and cut and sew. It was so much fun and the dress is so beautiful and just what she envisioned it to be. Amalie did all of the peddle work and I helped to feed the material through the machine. Talin and Joey watched us intently the entire time and then signed right up for a lesson on our sewing machine sign-up sheet.