Yummy plums for breakfast from Anya, Isaac and their family:

A birds nest from Flynn and her family, which led us to the study of my Ostrich, Emu and various other egg collection:

We started our Everyday Mathematics today.  It is an alternative, manipulative based math program.  They LOVED it!

And music with Katy:

This year is so much different then last year and it’s taking some time for me to settle in.  It is much more age diverse than last year and much larger.  While I miss the small intimate feeling that our tiny group brought last year, this classroom of varied ages and ideas has an even more vibrant and full feeling.  I am missing our sofa circle-time and the beginning always seems like your just moving through the day to set the pace but I can feel us beginning to gel and we are all beginning to ease into the schedule and routine.  It takes time and we have plenty of that to work with.  So here we go…


We won’t be taking a field trip tomorrow but we will be going to Daystar Retirement Village next Thursday morning and then on to Castle Park.  We will return in time for lunch.  Parents are always welcome to join us.