Two more sad goodbyes from our classroom.

Neve you have stretched and grown and really come into your own these past two years. You are a force. You are a path blazer. You will always be in my heart my friend of Ghandi. We’ve shared so many moments and conversations about the world and about peace and harmony. I will so miss your gentle spirit and the fight for justice you already carry around with you. Tell the world, you’ll be ready long before it will, but tell the world anyway.

Oscar, oh Oscar. What a whirlwind of imagination and superpower you are. What a way of spinning a web of story and friendship you have. Go to Tulsa and be the little evergreen seed of fresh air for all to see. Not only will our classroom miss you but my personal family will miss you too. You were Autumn’s first friend and I’ll always remember the gentle way you always had with her.

Visit often!

We love you guys,

Michelle and the Mystery Bay Gang