Tell me it’s a dream. Let’s linger a little longer at the art table with the red glitter(plotting to fill your mom’s house with homemade crafts), fold another origami animal, and figure out a long division problem on the white board together. Throughout my photo albums, I have dozens and dozens of pictures of you, spanning the last three years, over half of your life. I have the thoughts you’ve shared with me stored in my heart like sand treasures and playground jewels. I always kid your mom that when I grow up, I’m going to marry you. It’s a joke but you are an amazing human being with kindness, joy and such a love of life that lights up our little classroom and the entire world. You are the first to leave our new K-2 class, the land of mystery, merriment and wonder. Go forth, you bright star, and shine for everyone to see. Goodbye James, we will miss you with all of our hearts.

All our love,

Michelle and The Mystery Bay Gang

And Virginia, you best be coming by for visits and to bring me the occasional Triple Grande Americano with Cream.


And thank you to James’ grandma for the wonderful gift. We’ve traveled and taken photos and been able to have so many adventures thanks to you.