Today while we were working on our Explode the Code letter Z, I asked the kids to find the zipper on their page.  The zipper happened to be attached to a dress.  The instructions told me to ask them to give the girl a head, arms and legs.  Instead of saying girl, I said person – “give the person a head, arms and legs.”  I didn’t intend for this to create a discussion, I just know of boys who wear dresses and skirts and didn’t want the kids to assume any one gender.  As soon as I said “person,” Justin said; “It’s a girl.”  I then said; “How do you know it’s a girl?”  And he said; “Because it’s a dress.”  Then Clara said, “I know a boy who wears skirts.”  Then Isabel said; “I know a boy who wears dresses and he’s my friend.”  I then said; “I also knew boys and men who wore dresses and skirts.”  They drew their pictures and we moved onto zebra – white with black stripes or black with white stripes?  So many questions, so many answers.