Yesterday we read Sojourner Truth: Path To Glory

While we were talking about the book as we always do – usually mid-book, mid-sentence, mid-action packed storyline, we went from Sojourner Truth and how during her time as a slave, a freed-slave, and a preacher, that only white men usually had a voice and power. This brought up how we have only had white, male presidents but that we might have either a woman president or a black president soon.

The kids did a little cheer while talking about the changes that are going on in our world. We then talked a little about adoption and how many of us have been either adopted by both or one of our parents (we are great at getting sidetracked – in a good way) and then we talked about religion because Sojourner was a Methodist preacher.

We talked about many religions and the different names that the leaders of religions have. At the end of the story, in complete awe, Violet looked at me and said; “Michelle, I’m going to be a preacher when I grow up.” I said; “What religion are you.” She said; “I don’t know.” Then we went to lunch.

This morning, Koko, Violet’s mom stopped me and asked; “So who is this tall, dark priestess I keep hearing about?”

I love how the great people from history keep evoking our dreams, our spirit and showing us the way in the world.

Thank you Violet for reminding me once again just how important each and every moment, thought, book, life, person is.

Preach away! I’m know you have much to say.