Yesterday at 1:00 the bank took our loan application to their board of directors. Exactly at 1:00 the entire school was gathered for lunch and we told the kids about how we needed this loan to buy the building. We had a moment of silence and as Oscar, tight eyed, sat, he started to chant “Give me the money.”

At 3:00 the entire school was in the big yard for dismissal and we got the news that our loan of $550,000.00 was approved for us to buy the school. With what we have gathered so far in our capital campaign, we only have $25,000.00 left to go before the end of August (come to the Auction!) We went outside and Sarah told the kids of the good news and thanked them for their thoughts at lunch time and that we all made it happen.

Everyone cheered!

My original preschool class was the first class open at this site as the school is now. We’ve come so far in three years. From my three original students to the 91 that are enrolled for September.

Long live Community School!