Monday was also Clara’s first day for her summer visit with us. It was so wonderful to tour the zoo with her hand in mine. We’ve all missed you Clara – welcome back:

Of course we got to the bus stop with minutes to spare and then watched as the bus flew by us. We had to wait another half an hour for the next bus but we got to run and play in the retirement home’s front yard, which was pretty fun.

Shadow Play:

We’ve been talking for weeks about the zoo and mourning Hansa, the baby elephant that was about the same age as the kids in our class.

At Woodland Park Zoo, we started with lunch and as we were eating, a peacock came by and gave us a spectacular view:

The Penguins:

One of my group’s favorite stops was to feed the birds:

The lion even raised her head to us:

It seemed to all go so quickly. Asher had a front face mega-spill – good thing his mom was with us. I love traveling the city with the kids and the bus ride is my favorite. It teaches us so many things about our environment, our neighborhoods and our world:

Summer, summer, here we come.