The Earth (a linked pearl poem for earth day)

The earth is round and blue and green. ~Michelle

We liven on earth like animals. ~Brigit

The earth helps us live and survive. ~Jackson

The has plants that look like tentacles. ~Oscar

There are fifty states in the United States that is on earth that helps the animals live. ~James

The earth helps plants grow because it gives them water and sun. ~Justin

Don’t pollute the earth or everything on the earth will die. ~Isabel

The earth grows trees that are brown and green on top and they help us live and make sap. ~Asher

Me and my mama weed our garden, which help the plants grow. ~Sophia

There is an ocean so dark with a lot of sea creatures in it like crabs and octopus. ~Zavier

I like flowers because they make our earth beautiful. ~Neve

I like animals on the earth because they make me feel happy. ~Harriette