What a sad day today was. Around 10ish, I walked over to say hi to the Guinea Pigs and I saw that Turkey was laying on his side, which he never does and he wasn’t moving. I tried to move him and he didn’t respond. I made sure he was dead and then I called the kids over. We talked about Turkey and what might have happened to him and how Guinea Pigs don’t live very long.

Then we sat down to talk. We decided that we wanted to write a poem for Turkey. Here is what we wrote.

Ode to Turkey

Turkey, you were white and brown and soft. ~Harriette

Turkey, you were really nice and I really liked you. ~Oscar

Turkey, we’re sad that you died but you might turn into something else and we love you. ~Violet

Turkey, I love you and I loved playing with you and I’m very sad that you died. ~James

Turkey, I liked to pet you. ~Neve

Turkey, I’m too sad and can’t stop crying to tell you how I feel. ~Asher

Turkey, I hope you turn into a crab. ~Zavier

Turkey, I liked you and when I pet you, you were very gentle. ~Justin

Turkey, I love you and I will miss you. ~Jackson

Turkey, I love you and you were really kind. ~Isabel

Turkey, I love you and I’ll miss you. ~Sophia

Turkey, you were our friend for a very long time and you made so many kids happy everyday–thank you. ~Michelle

When it was Asher’s turn he just cried and cried. We were all silent and I held him and we talked about what a sad moment this was. Turkey has been with us for three years. The kids then decided they wanted to make cards to send with Turkey on his journey. At lunch, Sarah read our poem to the entire school. We received many cards from the other classes to go with Turkey as well. After lunch we had a processional through the school. Harriette made a casket out of tin foil. Then we put him in a box with all of our wishes. Sarah took pictures as we said goodbye to Turkey.

Sarah and I dug a hole under the apple tree and we all put a hand full of dirt on Turkey. Asher stayed and stayed with Turkey and didn’t want to leave. Sarah found us some flowers to plant on his grave.

We love you Turkey and will miss you so very much.