Our visit to Daystar was so lovely.

Violet read one of the stories she has written, “The Tortoise,” to the seniors.

Sophia read her story “My School.” And I read Harriette and Isabel’s stories for them.

And we took Rosa, the dog, with us today. She loved Castle Park.

Asher, Oscar and Sean in a tree(thanks Sean for joining us and for getting Oscar out of the tree.)

Puppy love. Having Rosa with us was such a wonderful time. She changed the way some kids feel about dogs, chased away fears and dosed us with her peaceful love. “Rosa, I love you so much.” ~James

Then we watched a wasp build its nest. We felt amazed to be able to watch such an event.


We also watched some of our frog eggs hatch into tadpoles while we were doing some specimen drawing. One swam right out of the egg sack while we were looking in the tank. The egg sack began to float down in such a beautiful dance as the tadpole took its first few swims. It was so exciting.

I know I always say it but I have to say it again–I love this class so much. They all inspire me everyday to keep seeing the beauty, love and magic in every moment of the day.

And because about 100 people read this blog everyday, you are seeing into a world that has been Sarah (our director) and my passion and dream. It can be done! We ARE doing it!