We planted seeds for starts and we planted the same seeds directly into the garden so we can see the differences in growth. The peas we planted from seed are so much heartier than the starts we planted.

We played shape/color bingo in Spanish.

One of my favorite journal pages. Zavier has a secret code language he writes. The way he draws and writes, has such symmetry and beauty.

Here are our frog eggs. They grow a little each day. You can now see the heads, tails and gills. They are fascinating and we can’t keep our eyes off of them.

We made a birthday bar graph. After we all made cards with our birthdays, we taped them to our birth months. Then I asked the kids; “What does this graph tell us.” This is what they said; “When our birthdays are. The months of the year. What kind of birthdays we have. Who’s birthday is in what month. How many birthdays are in each month. Helps us remember our birthdays and who is in our class.” How smart are they???