We were barely out of the car and they were off. You’d think they’d never been outside before.

Little did I know what they knew – a giant mountain of stone lay directly ahead.

After our climb which was exhilarating, fun and nearly made the parent volunteers faint, we stopped for a snack and looked through our frog reproduction books. We were so hoping to see frog eggs at the pond.

And boy did we!

We even sorted them by developmental stages.

Sadly, in the middle of all our wonderful discoveries, Brigit got stung twice by a bee. It was very traumatic but after a while she let me take a photo for prosperity sake.

We were all getting a little haggard, so we had some lunch and then went for a hike on the Animal Track Trail.

We discovered animal prints, plants, flowers, mushrooms, nettles, the remedy for nettles.

And mud.

And Huck Finn.

And old friends, keeping pace to only the rhythm of their conversation.

The trail came out at ANOTHER rock wall. This was the most amazing climbing adventure.

We are going to try to go to Camp Long at least once every two weeks, if not weekly this summer. We’ll keep you posted on the frog evolution at the pond. We also have a frog exploration happening in the classroom that we’ll check in on.