We’ve been writing stories to send in to possibly be published through PBS and Reading Rainbow. I haven’t told them there is a “contest” or that there are “prizes” (or push tv in ANY way) but I did say that we could send them in for others to read. I made them special books to write an entire story in with illustrations. It is so fun to see how they spell words, make sense of language, who MUST know how to spell every word correctly compared to those who give it their best shot with inventive spelling (which I encourage.)

Brigit is writing a story called “The ABC’s Go For A Walk.”

Sophia is writing a story called “My School.”

Isabel is writing a story called “The Mystery/Creepy House” about her trip to Ohio.

James is writing a story called “My Trip to Florida For Easter to Disney World” about the trip he’s talking for Spring break next week.

Jackson is writing a story called “Jackson on the Titanic.” (Surprise, surprise!)

Violet finished her first story.

“I Went to the Zoo in 2007 by Violet”

I went to the zoo in a car.

But when I got there were lots of animals.

I saw the zebra.

I loved the penguins.

I saw a cougar.

I love horses.

The monkey’s were exciting.

The End

She then read her story to both preschool classes. She kept saying, “You’re going to LOVE this part” and she even took questions after the reading.

Thank you for inspiring us Violet.

More to come soon…