Today we read “Coming To America: The Story of Immigration” and it brought up ALL kinds of questions and comments.  We talked about ancestors, descendants and what these words meant and where we thought our ancestors were from and how they came or might have come to America.  We talked about how the Native Americans came during the last ice age, how Christopher Columbus helped to lead Europe to the “New World” and the effects this had on the first people to live in the Americas.  We talked about the great influx of immigrants that came through Ellis Island and about how some people had to escape their homelands and become refugees and how some people were brought here against their will.  We also talked about immigration today and how it can now be hard to become a United States citizen or even get into the United States and the plans that some of our government officials have to build walls and fences to keep people out and how this seems unfair since everyone is ultimately an immigrant in our country.

So, if you’re getting some interesting questions at home, check out the book or borrow it from me or share your own books and stories about how we came to live in the United States and what that means to all of us who call this land home.