“We were walking into Thriftway and there was this elderly African American man selling Real Change out front.  As we walked up Asher says “Oh my gosh, IT’S DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING!!”.  I of course say ” What?” and he repeats very loudly and very excitedly “IT’S DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING”.  The man heard him the second time and told us that it was one of the greatest compliment he had ever received.  He asked Asher what he knew about Dr. King.  Asher told him about Dr. King, Gandhi, Rosa Parks…It was a beautiful conversation.  The man listened so intently.  We bought a paper and walked inside.  I was just beaming with pride.  As we are walking in talking about the man and our conversation Asher says ever so casually, “yeah, and Michelle told us he was dead.”  I just about fell on the floor.  The truth is a bit of Dr. King’s spirit came to life at the Thriftway.  A little bit of Dr. King, Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Abe Lincoln, John Henry, Di Vinci…are very much alive in Asher now.  Thanks for that Michelle.  We have had some really amazing conversations that stem from what Asher is learning at school.”