Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

The kids came back from mid-winter break to the surprise of heading out to The Museum of Flight and The Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit. The exhibit was extended through February and Jeff (Asher’s Dad) was able to help take us in his van. (The bus option was too long for how close the museum is.)

So we packed up Jeff’s van, Kathleen’s station wagon and my lil’ ol’ Camry full of kids:

They were a little sad to leave the beautifully refreshed classroom but we all agreed it would still be there tomorrow. We have been talking about and working on da Vinci’s ideas and experiments all year.

It was nice to see his work in action.

There was this great guide all dressed up in da Vinci era garb and he was full of information and so excited about da Vinci and his work. We just loved him!

When our guide of centuries past was talking about da Vinci’s parachute, Justin piped up with; “We made that out of paper and a bolt in our class – it worked great!” So cute! He seemed impressed and later said to me; “This must be so exciting for you.” Aw.

One of our favorite inventions was the grass cutter – we also saw this working in the electronic visualization computer.

The pulleys were fun and so hands-on:

Then we were off to see the rest of the museum:

Flying an airplane:

In the tower:

Look close – there is a plane:

The Concord – “Faster than a speeding bullet!”

Air Force One:

Heading back to school:

And if you ever doubted PLAY makes genius, there is Leonardo da Vinci!

On the way home, in my car, we listened to ABBA – “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme” was the favorite song (I don’t really listen to ABBA, I just have A LOT of music on my IPOD!)

It was a blast Mystery Bay Gang – Thank you for making my days so fun!

And thanks Kathleen and Jeff – you are great fieldtrip pals.