I came back on Thursday after being gone for two days with a wee babe with red hot fevered skin, to a bunch of crazed lunatics. WHAT DID YOU GUYS LET THEM EAT ON VALENTINES DAY??? They were wacky and silly and making my head spin. We trekked to Daystar Retirement Village, which was super sweet as usual (we really talked with everyone this time and they were all so wound up that they were making jokes and cracking all the seniors up – we have at least one stand-up comic in our class.)

We didn’t however go the castle park. It was freezing and not everyone was gear ready for the cold. We came back to school, had some lunch and then they headed outside with Paul. It was a madhouse, running and jumping and howling. Paul was hanging in there and had the ropes out (for making a tight rope, not tying anyone up.)

I set up their math project at the math tables and went to get them. They piled in, sat down and immediately set to work without me saying a word and with NO ONE even looking up from their projects. I motioned for Paul to take a look at the heavy duty studiousness going on and because of the stark contrast from the yard, he shook his head and said; “LUNATICS!” (You know, in a funny, good natured, loving, Paul-way.)

This was our project:

Writing 0-10 and then building each number with unifix cubes (they loved it!)

See you all next Monday!