…said Oscar on our way out the door at Daystar Retirement Village. And he’s right, we had such a fun time. Since we try to visit twice a month, we are really getting to know some of the seniors. We are chatting more and not really feeling shy.

We made Valentines for them while we were there this time and Kathleen read to everyone this go around. She read “The Perfect Spot” and “Chrysanthemum” which they just loved.

I really love what our days at Daystar have become. It is truly what I hoped it would be. I like to create relationships slowly as they naturally happen. We don’t typically perform for the seniors although we sometime sing. We generally just hang out, draw pictures for them, share stories and read books. Next Thursday I think we are going to have a snack with them. They are all so lovely, gentle, and genuinely appreciate our presence We are really DOING social studies, learning from our elders, crossing the age divide, and conquering stereo types.

We always go play at Castle Park when we’re done. Last Thursday was a day of persistence. On our way out of the park, for about twenty minutes, everyone tried desperately to climb this low fence. Brigit struggled and struggled to get over in her dress and rain boots. She was so frustrated but finally made it over after abandoning her rubbers. Yeah for keeping with it (but what else would Brigit do!)

I have often heard the term “learning moment” thrown around and I just wonder what that looks like. All of our moments, especially at 5,6 and 7 are learning moments. I know most people don’t really believe me but this moment which seems so much like “just playing” was so full of momentous importance that I’m glad we weren’t sitting in class learning how to “just spell” the word climb but out in the world experiencing what it means to struggle, climb and succeed first hand. (We’ll learn how to spell the word climb on another, less sunny day!)