I was feeling bad and sad and just not glad this Monday morning when I got to school. I was grumpy this weekend, had a sore throat, stomach cramps and just wasn’t living up to the mama standard I hold for myself. I didn’t even say hello when I walked in this morning but instead said; “Where’s the tea pot” and “I’m sure glad I have the kids today.”

And was I ever right. From the moment we shut the door to the outside world, sat in our living room circle and started chatting, I was just fine in the world again. I needed that little reminder of fresh and visionary and radical thinking that only those new to the earth bring us.

So we…

…had “Cooking with Kathleen,” made Cheese Bread and used a scale:

We also have been working on some songs in Spanish. Justin and Asher just started singing Itsy Bitsy Spider in Spanish all on their own at the beginning of Spanish – it was so cute. They are really getting into the groove of another language.

When Sophia came to school today, she brought the list of sounds that I gave as homework and she had come up with words and then found some words in her dictionary. She was so excited. I got out our scrabble board and Sophia, Brigit and Zavier played scrabble with dictionaries. It was super-wordy fun.

We also listened to the story of John Henry (but that is to be continued.)